Nearly finished

Only a week left!

Thursday – CX ride around Canterbury
Friday – Pump track
Saturday – Turbo
Sunday – Long walk with the kids
Monday – Lunchtime ride and turbo in the evening

Total miles:  279.4


Day 20

A much warmer lunchtime ride today in the sun, but of course as soon as the sun went down it was freezing!

I needed to pick my son up from a club at 6 o’clock so went for a longer ride home, only 37 mins but a least it was over my magic 30 mins!

Time today:  67 mins
Miles today:  13.72

Total:  237.6

Forgot again!

To blog that is.

Saturday.  Just an hour or so cycling and playing in the local park with the kids.

Turbo trainer on day 17, I’d managed to avoid using it for a while.

Time:  55 mins   Miles:  16.2 miles

Lunchtime ride and turbo in the evening

Time:  73 mins   Miles:  21.72

Today.  Lunchtime ride and an absolutely freezing ride!

Time:  75 mins   Miles:  16.21

Total miles:   223.9


Day 13, 14 and 15

Wednesday evening was a road/offroad ride on my Cyclocross bike around the Folkestone area, eventful mainly because I managed to fall off into a massive puddle! Things got a bit worse when I’d managed to get going again it started raining.  Was still more fun than a turbo ride though!

Time:  71 mins   Miles:  12.8

Thursday was another ride on the Cyclocross bike in the Canterbury area.  I thought I’d give the Crab and Winkle Way a go, this is a Cycle/Walking trail between Canterbury and Whitstable.  I didn’t go all the way due to it being bloody freezing!  Maybe next time.

Time:  58 mins   Miles:  10.26

And Friday night was pump track night! And somehow I managed to get a puncture on a perfectly surfaced cycle track.  It was a bit slower this week due to the extremely cold wind.

Time:  101 mins   Miles:  2.4

Total miles:  169.8


Day 12

Managed to get two rides today.

One lunchtime ride and one evening ride while my son was at Athletics.  Blimey, was it cold!  I remember moaning about the mild weather in December and was looking forward to the cold to help harden the ground a bit.  I take that back!  I’m don’t feel ready to freeze on the bike!

Time today:  76 mins
Miles today:  14.8

Total:  138


Day 11

Just a turbo ride today.  Hopefully a short proper ride tomorrow.

Time today:  54 mins
Miles today:  16.24

Total miles:  123.2


3 in 1

Blimey, I missed Friday and Saturday!

Friday night was Pump Track night, same as last year when the ground gets a bit sloppy we visit the Pump Track.  For anyone who doesn’t know what a pump track is, it’s like a mini BMX track, the idea is to ‘pump’ with your arms and legs over the bumps and berms to create speed.  There’s not much pedalling involved but it’s a great workout, plus as I discovered after last year it helps massively with all round skills.

Time:  98 mins  Miles:  2.5

Saturday was just a ride with the kids round the local park, as I forgot to record it I wont include it!

Sunday was horrible weather so it was turbo time.

Time:  64 min  Miles:  18.9

Total miles:  107